Dominion Conference with Pastor Toye

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Financial Breakthrough by Obedience
About two weeks ago, during offering time in service, God’s servant declared that we should double whatever we had planned to give that day because God will visit those who obeyed. At first, I was reluctant because that was the day I planned to give my tithe, but then I obeyed and doubled my seed in faith. When I returned to work a week later, someone brought an envelope from the corporate office with a note from the owner of the company, and in it was a huge, unexpected check made out to me. I give God the praise for confirming the word of His servant ~ M.A

For a while, my family and I have longed to purchase a house in California. We put in an application for a house we were interested in but unfortunately; we did not qualify for it. When I told Pastor, he just said, “it is well” and I received that word by faith. Less than a mile away from that house, there was another house we liked and when we indicated our interest, we realized we were the last in line and there were quite a few others who already bided for it. This meant there was a great chance we would not be approved for the house. However, Pastor told me to go and buy moving boxes and begin to pack our things. Even though I wasn't sure we would get the house, I followed his instructions and I give God glory for giving us favor to purchase the house. ~ J.A

A few days ago, I was thinking about going to see my doctor regarding some of the health issues that have persisted in my body over a long period of time. Then I had a dream that I was on my way to see my doctor and I heard someone call out my name. I turned around to see my father and his best friend. Immediately I thought to myself that these two individuals are dead so I shouldn’t have any connection with them. I ignored them and kept moving, however, my father called me by a nickname only he knew. This time, I turned towards him and asked if I could talk to him about the reason why I was going to see the doctor. He sternly refused to speak to me despite my pleas and shut the door on me. I woke up from this dream disturbed and prayed to the Lord for understanding. Then a few days later, during the DLCC San Jose inauguration service, God’s servant gave a word of knowledge and asked those who communicate with their dead relatives in the dream to come out. I knew immediately that was my moment of deliverance. I came out and when he laid hands on me, I was set free. I give God all the praise because He knew my situation; He located me and delivered me. E.D

Supernatural Favor
I just moved here from Texas a few months ago and shortly after, I began the process of purchasing a house. I give all the glory to God because the Lord showed me favor beyond my expectation. Initially, it seemed like they didn’t want to sell the house to me because it was a model home, but in the end, I got it for over two hundred thousand dollars less than the listed price. The turning point in this process came when Pastor made a declaration by the Holy Spirit that we should double whatever seed we had planned to give that Sunday. I obeyed the instruction and to the glory of God, that Monday, everything started rolling in. Not only did I buy the house for two hundred thousand dollars less, I ended up paying no closing costs whatsoever. Glory be to Jesus! ~ M.B

Financial Increase
Dominion Family, we have to share a Praise Report and give glory to God!
Since visiting you all in June for the Bethel 2018, we have seen our business quadrupled.
Every month’s tithe has been greater than the last! God is so wonderful and faithful.
We love and miss you all! ~ M.L, Colorado Springs