Amazing Testimonies

Career Breakthrough!
I came to Bethel and learning about the story of Jacob, I trusted God for a change of story; that what He did for Jacob, He would do for me also. My testimony began in March when I started receiving calls from recruiters offering new jobs and I was hesitant to respond to them because I just started a new position at my current job. However, I sought the counsel of God’s servant, who told me to go ahead and apply. I put in my application for the highest of the three positions presented to me, which was the position of Vice President of a company. My interviews were intense. One of them required me to give a presentation where I was to make an argument about how the world will change because of my role and responsibilities. I thank God for the utterance the Holy Spirit gave me. As I gave the presentation, I felt like I was talking to friends and I wasn’t nervous the way I would usually be in such interviews. I am here to praise the God of Bethel because last Friday, I was offered the position with a fantastic pay and a great benefit package. ~ R.S


Healed of Cancer!
I came to this church after I watched the moment of breakthrough broadcast and saw Pastor Isaac preaching, then I remembered I had seen him in my dream days before. I had just been diagnosed with cancer and the doctors told me I needed to have surgery. The first day I came, I told Pastor about the diagnosis and that I didn’t want to have surgery. He laid hands on me, anointed me and said, “Let it be to you according to your faith.”
I went home and for two weeks I refused to pick calls from the doctors but I kept coming to church to hear and grow in the word. I got tired of the calls from the doctors so I walked up to Pastor after one of the services, and asked him to pray with me because I planned to see the doctor that week but my desire was that they would not find cancer in my body anymore. He prayed for me and told me to go and they won’t find anything. To the glory of God, when I went in to see the doctor, they repeated the tests they’d done before several times but couldn’t find a trace of cancer in my body. Glory be to God Almighty. ~ M.V

Financial Increase!
I give God all the glory for financial increase over my life. During the thanksgiving service, God’s servant instructed us to give a thanksgiving seed to the Lord. I obeyed this instruction and emptied out everything I had into the offering basket. That same week, I received a settlement check which I wasn’t expecting. Praise the Lord! ~ M.S

Career Breakthrough!
One of my deepest desires during the Bethel program was for the Lord to give me a full-time position at the San Joaquin General where I presently work part time. I had applied several times for a full-time position but was never considered. The night Bethel Conference ended, I went to work and discovered a full-time position had opened up in the unit I currently work. This is the same position I had applied for so many times but was denied. I immediately applied for it and was granted the position. I give glory to the God of Bethel for answering my prayers. ~ J.U

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