Before and After

Before and After is a live and online forum where questions & issues relating to dating, marriage and family life are answered. At Dominion Life Christian Center, we believe that it takes healthy families to have a healthy church that is why marriage and family related issues remain topmost on our counseling list.

Marriage is an institution created and designed by God in the best interest of man and woman. (Gen. 2:18). However, many marriages and homes today are in jeopardy because God’s original purpose and intent for man is misunderstood or not known. Therefore, we have to go back to the Author’s manual for marriage as it is contained in the Word of life. (Joshua 1:8).

Before: To avoid the prevalent marital challenges faced by families today, the biblical prescriptions for dating and courtship need to be adhered to when choosing a marriage partner.

After: To have a long-lasting and successful marriage, husbands and wives must embrace their individual responsibilities as given to us in God’s word.