Amazing Testimonies

At the beginning of the year, I went to see daddy and I told him about the challenges I was experiencing at my job. He instructed me to leave the job and prophesied I would find another one before the end of the month.  Just like he prophesied, I got a job on the last day of the month. It was a new opportunity that came my way of which I talked to Daddy about. I told him all about the new offer and interview process and he declared, “if no one can say no to Jesus, then no one can say No to you”. I received that word and went for the interview in faith. To the glory of God, out of the 6 people interviewed, I got the job. When I came into the position, the facility I was to manage was at the brink of being closed down by the State. One week into the job, the person who was meant to train me was fired so I had to train myself. Within three weeks, the State came and conducted a survey/evaluation which would determine if the facility would be shut down or not. To God’s glory, we passed the survey/evaluation by the State and the facility was kept open. Praise the Lord! ~ M.B

During our Dominion Conference in April, I sowed a seed as instructed. A week later, I got a call and was offered a job that I did not apply for. The job required a license which I did not possess. They only wanted to know if I wanted the job. When I went in for the interview everything went well and afterwards, I got an offer letter which I forwarded to Pastor. I have already started the job and I am currently taking a course which will qualify me to obtain the license with all expenses paid. ~ R.E

I thank God for the peace and freedom I now enjoy at work. In February, Pastor preached on wisdom and he declared, ‘you don’t fight someone in authority.’ That word stuck to me. The lady I was working with was never supposed to be my boss, but because of company reorganization, I was positioned to work under her. During this time, she started recommending me to do certain things that were outside my job description. This made me uncomfortable and I soon started resisting her instructions. This caused tension in our working relationship and she made work tough for me. I remembered Pastor’s message on work ethics and respecting those in authority. Immediately, I began applying the wisdom he taught us, and my work relationship with my boss changed completely. Now we are very good friends and I have total peace at work. Praise the Lord!  ~ A.O

As a manager at Walgreens, I began to notice an increase in the activities of shop lifters; they who would come into the store and walk out with a bag of unpaid items. This has adversely affected the income generated by my store. During one of the Communion services, Daddy (Senior Pastor) stated that the Blood of Jesus can be used for anything. I received that word and the next day, I went to work with the blood and sprinkled it all over the store premises. For the past two weeks, no shop lifter has come into the store. I thank God because the blood works. ~ D.A

I thank the Lord for His word through the mouth of His servant, who has been teaching us about Divine health. This word has triggered my first bold step of faith. While at work this week, the staff were asked to sign up for supplementary insurance for cancer, stroke and all sorts of diseases. The representative signing people up came into my classroom and told me to sign up for it. As I started to put my name down on the paper, I remembered Daddy’s messages on healing. I immediately told the rep I was no longer interested. She tried to coerce me into doing it saying that when I have cancer; it would be too late to sign up. I immediately told her I won’t and cannot have cancer; therefore I was not signing the paper. I thank God for the grace to strongly and boldly exercise faith in the area of healing. ~ R.E

In August, I received a call from Nigeria with the news that my brother had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. My mum and I immediately reached out to Daddy. He prayed for us and as usual said “it is well”. On Sunday when Daddy instructed us to pray against sickness especially cancer, I prayed fervently for my brother. Shortly after, he was scheduled for surgery in London. When he arrived there, they immediately started pre-surgery treatment on him. While on the surgical table, they ran the last test and couldn’t find the cancer anymore. Soon, he was declared cancer free. Praise the Lord!  ~ Y.O

During one of our services, Pastor was preaching and prophesied that there are some of us present who are worth more than they are being paid at our jobs. He also made some specific prophetic declarations over the lives of those with careers. Up to this time, I did not have enough courage to ask for more money from my boss but as soon as the word came from the servant of God, a fire rose inside me. Also that day, my wife immediately sent me a message saying, “Dad is talking about you and you have to go speak to your boss”. On the following work day which was Monday, the first thing I did was talk to my boss and I told him I think I need more money. In the middle of the conversation, my boss began to petition for me and he began to speak in my favor. A few days later, I received a letter indicating a 10% salary raise. I have become an indispensable part of the company and I thank God for divine increase in my life. ~ J.W

During the course of the month, we were given a 9% salary increase, so I sowed the entire pay check as first fruit. I didn’t understand the concept of first fruit but I bought a book relating to this topic and read up on it. As I wrote a check for the entire paycheck and gave it on Sunday, I declared over my life, that this month was my month of power to get wealth. Previously, I had been working on a project but at some point the project required me to have my car completely paid off. I did not have the money nor did I know how it was going to come, but I trusted in the Lord God, who has given me power to get wealth, according to this month’s prophetic focus. I kept declaring this scripture by faith. While that was ongoing, I paid a visit to a friend who suddenly looked at me and said something moved her to bless me. Without soliciting for money from her and without her knowledge of the need I had at the moment, she gave me a check of $12,000. With this money, I was able to pay off my car, and I had some money left to finish the project. Glory be to God! ~ O.I

I am here to testify of the goodness of the Lord in my family. My dad is Nigerian and my mum is Sierra Leonean and from my childhood, there’s been a lot of problems in the family. My mum left us when I was little. She went back to Sierra Leon over 30 years ago with my youngest sister and I haven’t set eyes on her since then. We weren’t corresponding so my dad singlehandedly raised the eight (8) of us. 
We’ve always asked my dad when our mum was coming back but he never really told us anything. After a while, we all concluded he must have done something to drive her away.
One of my greatest heart desires is to have my mum come back and be reconciled with my dad. I’ve longed for her all my life and I’ve been praying, trusting the Lord and never gave up.
When I moved out here to California, and met Pastor, I immediately recognized how anointed he was. Everything he’s agreed with me in prayers has come to pass. So I took my mum’s name to him and he prayed over it.
Just a few days back, my youngest sister, who lives in Sierra Leon with my mum called and said something strange and shocking was happening over there. She said our mum has been talking differently and she was scared. Basically, what she was saying was that our mum says she wants to see her husband. She’s been asking herself, ‘What am I doing here?’ and she thinks she’s been there only for a month when in actuality, she’s been there for over 30 years. We had suspected some type of evil enchantment over this issue for years but had no proof of it. Right now she’s asking for a ticket to go and see her husband. Praise the Lord! I give glory to the Almighty God of Dominion! ~ C.O

I am here to give all the glory to God for favor at my work place. When I was hired, I was supposed to be working with a lady who’s been there for about 3 years. I faced so many oppositions from her; she would inspect every file I treated and every student I worked with. But to the glory of God, my principal favored me so much that after a while instead of making me her assistant, she made her assistant me.
Also, when I was hired at the job, I showed Daddy my contract and in it, they started me on Column 3 Masters, Level 1. It was level 1 because they said this was my first year working in the United States. They needed work verification to make any changes to it. So I called the university I attended back home and they sent the verification to them. To the glory of God, after they reviewed it, they approved it and placed me on Column 3, Level 3 and gave me a raise in addition. Praise the Lord!  ~ R.E

I am giving this testimony on behalf of my father to the glory of God.  A few weeks back, I gave my dad some books on healing to read. While reading the healing balm, he discovered the power of the anointing oil. He began to pester me to have Pastor bless a bottle of oil for him but unfortunately, Pastor travelled that period. When he returned from his trip, after Sunday service, as he was walking towards the room to greet the first timers, I quickly stopped him and gave him the bottle of oil and he blessed it and moved on. I took the bottle of oil to my dad at work, who asked me how many times he should take it. I told him once a day was enough. All these happened on Sunday, and by Wednesday, when I saw him, he told me he discovered that since he’s been taking the oil, he noticed that an hernia he’s had in his stomach for years has mysteriously disappeared. ~ J.W

Praise the Lord! The God of Dominion has done it again. Early this year, my wife and I visited Daddy just to greet him and as we were chatting, he gave us a word of wisdom. He said it is time to have a house. To the glory of God, by this past Wednesday, that word has been fulfilled and we now have the keys to our own house. The testimony here is that at a point in time, we were refused financing, but I thank God because He’s not only a God who breaks protocol but he’s also the God who underwrites. At the initial stage, we filled out the forms, did everything we were required to do and all we were waiting for was approval for financing. In fact, we had given our apartment management office, notice that we were moving out at the end of the month, however, we were refused financing. During this time, during one of the Wednesday services, Daddy gave the testimony about the Stockton building and the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, ‘It is time to harvest.’ I took my pen and was about to give a seed but the Holy Spirit instructed me to give all my paycheck. At the same time, my wife told me she had a dream that there were some people contending with us over the house and Daddy just showed up in the dream and anointed the whole place and from that moment, things opened up and everything turned around for our good.
I am also returning all the glory to God because this is the tangible manifestation of the prophetic word which Daddy declared over my life when I just newly came into the United States. He prophesied over me that what would normally take others 5-6 years to accomplish, I would achieve it in just a few years.
Glory Be To God. ~ S.F

I am here to thank the Lord for great things he has done for my family. I have a brother who has been in the United States for a long time, but for 4 years, someone conspired heavily against him. My brother was doing so well with his business, but because of this conspiracy, everything crumbled in his face. His business was shut down by the American government for four good years and the case kept dragging in the court for some reason. Eventually as the process was heading towards the time a final decision would be taken, everything seemed so bleak. It seemed like there was no way out of it. Though the time was short, I called on Daddy and pleaded with him to see what he could do help out or else my brother will end up in jail. God used Daddy to do a great thing regarding the court case so much that, the lady who conspired against my brother is in jail today. They investigated her and discovered all the lies she told against my brother. Today, my brother is free indeed to the glory of God. ~ J.E


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