Amazing Testimonies

Supernatural Debt Cancellation!
About three years ago, my company was selected by the IRS for audit. During the auditing process, they noticed my business card was being used to fund the Moment of Breakthrough TV Broadcast, and they requested to know what it was and why it was so. I was so vexed in my spirit that I told them to look up Moment of Breakthrough online by themselves and never bothered to answer them again. After reviewing my case, IRS concluded that I owed $66,000 in taxes. I had several meetings with them but on the last day of the review, which took place in May at my company premises, I anointed everywhere and declared that I would not labor for another to eat. In addition, as we prepared for Bethel 2018, I decided to get fully engaged in every way possible. By faith, I used my business credit card to sign up for the advertisement on the social media platforms designated by the committee and I sowed a seed towards the program. To my surprise, a day after Bethel ended, I received a letter from the IRS stating that after further investigation, it was concluded that I no longer owed them anything and my balance was $0. I am here to return all the glory to the God of Bethel for cancelling my debt. Praise be to God! ~ E.I

Divine Healing!
A couple of months ago, my husband was diagnosed with TB and his chest was getting enlarged. After going through the routine treatment regimen in isolation for several months, he was cleared to return to work & life as usual. His doctor then told him he’d have to have surgery to remove the lump that was found in his chest. My husband decided not to opt for surgery but instead stood in faith for his healing. He began to read scriptures & books on healing and ensured that he was fully connected throughout the Bethel program, watching online when necessary. After the conference, he went back to see the doctor and after a checkup, was told the lump had completely disappeared and could no longer be found. I praise the God of this Commission for divine healing! ~ R.S

Miracle Job!
I lost my job sometime around the beginning of June. After staying for a week without a job, I decided to send Pastor a text message letting him know of my situation. He replied and declared, “By next week, you will be working.” I received it by faith and from that moment on, I started receiving job offers from so many places and I’ve had my hands full with work, lacking nothing. Praise be to God for honoring the word of His servant in my life! ~ A.G


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